AAR_DeliversAAR Corp (NYSE: AIR) is an independent provider of services to the global commercial, government and defense aviation industries. For over 60 years, we have grown by delivering solutions that improve efficiency and reduce costs for customers while helping them to maintain high levels of quality, safety and service. Following our purpose, we at AAR, are committed to "Doing It Right" to better connect the world.

In 1955, American aviation was the new tech industry. AAR-a startup-was already supplying parts to the aviation industry-efficiently moving inventory, setting in motion our participation in America's great boom.

Today, from Chicago to London to Singapore to Dubai to South Africa, our customers, employees and partners are helping us do what is right worldwide-and that includes being a vital link in commercial airline safety and supporting the U.S. military and its allies. AAR Aviation and Expeditionary Services divisions design technical, operational, logistic and financial solutions-doing it right and quickly delivering our customers safety, efficiencies and competitiveness. This lets them do what they do best-fly and connect the world.